Novice Division teams may consist of Latin students who have completed no more than one year of study.

Lower Division teams may consist of Latin students who have completed no more than two years of study.

Upper Division teams may consist of any level Latin student.

No person may be a member of more than one team.

No school may have more than one team per division.

If possible all teams will play in groups of three in all preliminary rounds. If the number of schools competing on a level is not a multiple of three, “filler teams” may be formed by any interested students. These students need not all be from the same school. No “filler team” is eligible to advance to the final round.

The Proctor is the official judge of the tournament. It is the duty of the Proctor to read the questions, rule on the validity of answers, and judge any protests should they occur.

No electronic recording devices or cellular phones may be operated while a certamen round is in session.

Teams have five seconds to answer toss-up questions. If no team has buzzed in by this time, the question is dropped and the answer given by the Proctor.

Team members may not consult with each other during toss-up questions. If members are seen consulting, their team’s answer will not be accepted.

Only the person whose buzzer has been recognized may answer a toss-up question. If a person answers without their buzzer having been called, their answer will not be accepted, and their team will be locked out from answering that toss-up question.

Toss-up questions must be answered once a player has been recognized (i.e., there is no time given to formulate an answer after a player has buzzed in and been recognized).

No clarifications pertaining to a toss-up question will be made after a player has buzzed in and been recognized.

Each team has only one chance to answer a toss-up question.

Team members may consult on bonus questions. After the bonus question is asked, the team captain will have fifteen seconds to supply an answer. If another member of the team wishes to answer the bonus question, the team captain must defer to him/her in order for his/her answer to be accepted.

A bonus question may be repeated if the team asks the Proctor to do so. The question will only be repeated once. If a team wants a question to be repeated, they must ask within five seconds of the first reading of the question. Time spent repeating the question counts as part of the fifteen-second period of deliberation given to the team.

If a player mispronounces or misspells a word, it will be taken as an incorrect answer by the Proctor.

Questions pertaining to Greek or Roman deities must be answered in the same manner in which they are asked,

e.g.: “Who is the father of Athena” correct answer: “Zeus” incorrect answer: “Jupiter”

Teams may protest a question, answer, or decision which they feel is wrong. Protests may only be made by the team captain. All protests must be made within fifteen minutes of the end of the round in which the disputed question was asked.

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