The 2022 Cascadia JCL Convention will be online. Please refer to the 2022 Convention Guide and note changes to rules for the online format.

Academic Contests

Are the voyages of Odysseus as familiar to you as your school schedule?  Do people turn to you to explain e pluribus unum and SPQR?  Can you parse nouns blindfolded and categorize subjunctives with one hand tied behind your back?  Put your classical mettle to the test with 6 challenging academic tests, spread over two sessions and divided according to grade or Latin level (depending on the test).

Graphic Arts

Classical themes have inspired artists of every generation.  What will you be inspired to create?  The Graphic Arts contest welcomes entries in virtually every medium — from traditional forms like oils and watercolors, to modern modes like photography and  audio-video, with many other unique categories to suit every Muse, like models, games, and even greeting cards.  Special recognition will be given for the Artist of the Year (Pictor Anni), the People’s Choice winner, and the best entry in the Themed Art contest.  The theme for 2022:  SONG & MUSIC in the ancient world.

Artists are advised to read the contest rules and guidelines carefully.  Note the general contest rules as well as the rules specific to your piece’s category.  You are wholeheartedly encouraged to enter multiple submissions, so long as each piece belongs to a different category.

Impromptu Art

Instead of a contest, artist Zel Starling will lead a special introductory art lesson for delegates at the convention. No specialized equipment is necessary; any writing utensil and a few sheets of paper are all you need, or just sit back, watch, and enjoy the lesson!

Costume Contest

The Costume Contest is a colorful and popular event where delegates showcase their textile talents as they bring a character from history or mythology to life.  The costume contest does not include a written portion, but each contestant will be expected to make a brief statement about the costume and how it relates to the character.

The costume contest has two categories.  Contestants may enter individually OR as a pair.

(1) Themed Costume Contest:  The Ancient Sea

(2) Most Authentic Roman Dress

Impromptu Essay Contest

Scribendo cogito :  “I think by writing,” or in effect, “We write to know.”  What new insights will your reflection on the classics impart?  Participants in the essay contest study translated passages from classical sources or images from antiquity (or both) on a major aspect of classical civilization.  Each contestant then writes an expository essay in response to one or more essay prompts.  No prior preparation is necessary.

Sight Latin Reading

Latin authors wrote for the ear as well as for the mind.  If you revel in the sound of Latin — its eloquent phrases and sonorous cadences — Sight Latin is the event for you.  Contestants study a short passage and then recite it from the page, concentrating on accurate pronunciation and fluent phrasing.  Sight Latin is offered at four levels (Latin ½, 1, 2, 3+).  There is no pre-convention preparation for this event, but contestants must register at check-in on Friday evening, and space is limited, with the number of guaranteed spaces allotted to each chapter being proportional to delegation size.  Sight Latin will not be part of the 2022 online convention, but expect it to return to the next live convention!

Dramatic Interpretation

From myth to history, classical literature has endowed us with some of the most vivid portraits of men and women ever to be committed to writing:  heroes of the noblest valor and self-sacrifice and scoundrels of the vilest cunning and deceit.  Let the actor in you take center stage with JCL’s Dramatic Interpretation contest.  Cascadia JCL uses the same passages as NJCL:  NJCL Dramatic Interpretation Passages

Latin Oratory

The ars oratoria was highly valued amongst the Greeks and Romans and was a central element of education.  Picture yourself on the Rostra looking out over the Forum as you declaim a memorized piece like an orator of old.  Cascadia JCL uses the same passages as NJCL:  NJCL Latin Oratory Passages

Modern Myth

In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas corpora:  “My mind is bent to tell of bodies changed into new forms.”  So said Ovid; how about you?  Craft a new myth using characters and themes from antiquity.  This contest has three categories, as explained in the contest rules (click on the link above).  The special theme for 2022:  SONG & MUSIC in the ancient world.

Skit Contest

The play’s the thing!  The skit judging will take place behind closed doors on Saturday afternoon.  Encore performances of the top three skits will be featured in the Saturday evening general assembly.  Each delegation entering a skit should sign up on Friday evening or Saturday morning of the convention for an open skit-judging slot.  Slots are first-come, first-served, so skit teams should register as soon as possible once they arrive at the convention and should pick a time which works well for all members.  Skit teams are urged to be on time for their judging to keep the contest running smoothly.


Certamen is the crown jewel of JCL, a game of fast recall of facts about the entire sweep and spectrum of classical civilization:  history, mythology, language, the arts, and more.  The matches are meant to be fun, competitive, and informative.  Certamen is a team event played at three levels, Novice, Intermediate, and Upper, depending on the Latin level of the participants.

Catapult Contest

Ready, aim, fire!  How would you have fared as a Roman engineer?  Ingenuity and construction skills are the keys to this exciting contest.  All catapults should be assembled and fully tested under adult supervision before the convention.  For the safety of your crew and spectators, please be sure that your catapult meets all design criteria (click on the header above).


In place of on-site athletic competition, Olympika will feature three special virtual events: Olympika Video, Olympika Marathon, and Olympika Cleats. Click on each of the links for more information!

That’s Entertainment

JCLers excel at more than just Latin!  That’s Entertainment, the JCL talent show, lets delegates perform for each other and compete for prizes. Over the years, many exceptional and accomplished performers have appeared on the That’s Entertainment stage.  Start honing your act now!

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