Types of Tests:  Six online academic tests will be offered at the 2021 convention in two sessions.  Students compete according to grade level or Latin level, depending on the test.  Latin level is based on the level of Latin which the student is currently studying.

Latin Level Grade Level
Latin Derivatives Classical Mythology

Roman Life & History

Latin Level Grade Level
Latin Vocabulary Ancient Geography

Mottoes, Quotes, and Abbreviations

Testing Sessions:  All Academic Test Sessions will be administered online.  Each test is offered at only one of the sessions.  Delegates may take as many tests as they have time for in a session.  Delegates must log on at the beginning of the Academic Test session.  Delegates will not be granted access after testing has begun.  Delegates should remain online on Zoom during the testing session with their cameras on.

Test-takers should use one of these browsers:  Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Test Format:  Test are multiple-choice with 30 questions per test and 4 tie-breaker questions.  Tests are “closed”: you may not use notes, books, websites, or any other reference materials.  Please keep your phone off and out of sight during the testing session.

Questions and Protests:  Delegates with a question about the testing process should leave a message for the test chair in the chat window.  If a delegate believes there is an error with a question and that a question does not have a single best answer, the delegate should email the test chair at cascadiajcl@gmail.com.  State the test name, the number of the question, and the reason you believe the question has a mistake.  The outcome of any successful protest will be taken into account during scoring.  All protests will be kept confidential for the sake of fairness.

Excessive Noise or Disruptive Behavior:  If a delegate’s conduct disturbs other test-takers, the delegate will be warned by the test chair.  After repeated warnings, the chair may choose to remove the person from the testing session and invalidate the person’s test.

Cheating: All delegates are expected to conform to the highest standards of honor and to abstain from any action which may unfairly affect the score of anyone’s test.  If cheating is suspected, the offender may be ejected with or without warning.  Any tests already completed by a person caught cheating will be considered void and will not be scored.

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