There are two categories for the Cascadia JCL Costume Contest:

I) Mythological Characters

In keeping with the NJCL selections, the Cascadia JCL characters for 2020 are:

Female:   Cumaean Sibyl

Male:   Polyphemus

Couples:   Pygmalion & Galatea

II) Most Authentic Roman Dress


Each contestant should make a BRIEF statement both about the costume and how it relates to the character; therefore, the contestant must have knowledge of Roman or Greek clothing styles and a broad knowledge of the character represented.  The contestant should be prepared to speak about the color, style, props, etc. selected for his/her costume.  The entrant must make his/her costume.  Creativity will include the entrant’s imaginative use of materials to make props and costume; it will NOT be based on the oral presentation.  The costume contest-rating sheet will be based upon the following criteria:

50 points for Authenticity

15 points for Attractiveness

20 points for Craftsmanship

05 points for Creativity of Interpretation

10 points for Overall Effectiveness

The cost of the costume must not exceed $50.00 (U.S.), excluding tax.  For couples, this is $50.00 per person.  The value of all items, including borrowed items, shoes, jewelry, etc. MUST be included in the $50.00 limit.  Ten points will be deducted for exceeding this limit.  Contestants are NOT required to turn in receipts for materials used in making their costumes.  Receipts are required for costumes entered in the NJCL costume contest, but they will not be collected at the Cascadia JCL convention.

Male/female refers to the gender of the characters.  A delegate may compete as the character of either gender.



Costume Contest awards will be given in the following divisions (subject to change).  Couples are entered at the grade level of the higher-level entrant.

Category I—Mythological Costumes:

Grades 4-5, Female                 Grades 4-5, Male                    Grades 4-5, Couples

Grades 6-7, Female                 Grades 6-7, Male                    Grades 6-7, Couples

Grades 8-9, Female                 Grades 8-9, Male                    Grades 8-9, Couples

Grades 10-12, Female             Grades 10-12, Male                Grades 10-12, Couples

Category II—Most Authentic Roman Dress:

Grades 4-5, Female                 Grades 4-5, Male

Grades 6-7, Female                 Grades 6-7, Male

Grades 8-9, Female                 Grades 8-9, Male

Grades 10-12, Female             Grades 10-12, Male

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